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For Hydrovac Services we use specialized equipment to easily minimize the challenges associated with safely exposing utilities, pipelines, and other underground infrastructure. From Hydrovac trucks to track- and mini-hoes, and skid-steers, we have all the necessary equipment that can make the entire excavation project easy and quick.

We follow strict and safe procedures and standards to ensure the work is done effectively and efficiently. You can totally rely on Sierra Hydrovac to give you the best hydrovac solutions in terms service, value, and quality. We ensure to provide safe and cost effective solutions to any type of excavation project as we are well-equipped with an array of excavation equipment.

Hydrovac Services


This is the most common method of excavation. There are various forms of trenching methods such as slot, perimeter, cross and exploratory, box and linear trenching. Each method of trenching offers a strategic variation depending on the type of work.

Pipeline and Utility Crossing

In congested areas, when performing excavation work for repairing or maintaining underground utilities, it is essential to be extremely careful. Sierra Hydrovac can provide safe and concise hydrovac excavation services near pipeline or utility crossings.


To increase productivity, improve project safety, and lower project costs, hydrovac daylighting is employed. In other words, daylighting is described as uncovering and exposing underground utilities and pipelines to the daylight. Hydrovac daylighting is a non-destructive method of excavation which replaces the traditional hand digging and air vacuum excavation techniques.

Directional Drill and Bore Support

The directional drill can be steered underground to make gradual changes in direction and depth. Our highly specialized directional drill equipment has an accurate drill bit locator which enables us to bore under obstructions such as parking lots, streets, buildings, or streams without excavating or trenching up the entire distance.

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